The Benefits of Early Learning

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3 Trending Technologies for Preschool Teachers

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Early childhood education (ECE) has changed significantly over the years. For example, no longer are preschoolers restricted to traditional forms of learning. Also, teachers are embracing technology in classrooms. In the past, the use of technology in education was limited to middle-aged kids, but it is not the case today. While teachers should provide preschoolers with time to play and use their imaginations, they should remember that the 21st century kids are crazy about technology. Read More»

Why Family Day Care is So Sought After

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There are many different types of child care in Australia. From those that are based around religious guidelines to large, multicultural groups found in preschools and child care centres. Finding the type of child care that is best for your precious children can be a difficult task, and many parents find it hard to let go at all. However, allowing your kid to socialise early and form those bonds with other people is an integral part of their development so, eventually, you will need to choose somewhere. Read More»